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March 14, 2016

Anushya Rajagopalan Mamtora is a freelance writer, blogger and fulltime mother.
In her stint as a journalist she worked with India’s prestigious national English dailies, The Times of India and The Hindu Business Line. She currently resides in New Jersey, specializes i...

March 8, 2016

The Times Of Amma is proud to give the ‪Mom Salute‬ to Dr.Nirupama Sreedhar who was awarded the prestigious Stella Sathiyaraj gold medal for topping the university in MDS periodontology.


She was just completing her Bachelors in Dental Sciences when she got married...

February 22, 2016

It’s Monday Munchies time!

So, we’ve done Banana Whole Wheat Pancakes.
We’ve had Carrot rice.

And now it’s time for dessert – a quick no-fuss one.
Presenting Easy Caramel Custard.
This wobbly dessert is brought to you by Super mom (and I mean that literally) Anitha A...

February 15, 2016

The Times of Amma is happy and proud to kickstart the Star Moms series with an interview of Star Mom Aswathy Kumar.
Currently based in Myanmar, Aswathy is a former journalist turned full time mom to a super smart 8 year old. Aswathy writes travel columns and is an aspi...

February 3, 2016

It's the month of love and it's time to dole out the hearts and show people some love! 

But before you hightail it to the store for craft supplies, why not try this easy one out for size?

All you need to make a personalized Valentine's Day craft is four things and a happ...

January 26, 2016

So, there we were one weekend sitting around playing blocks, when my four year old announced that she wanted to make a 'whale craft'.

As a person who tends to make lists and plans rather obsessively this out of the blue announcement was not exactly something I welcome...

January 16, 2016

Scrambling for something to do this Saturday? Here's an easy three step handprint mermaid! All you need is a paper, paint and a pair of willing handswink emoticon Googly eyes optional, though I always stick up on them to add an extra dimension to the simplest of crafts...

January 14, 2016

This week, the Times of Amma recommends, 'Everything goes 123 Beep Beep Beep!'. This book is best for children eighteen months and above. 



For more of our thoughts on this book, head to the Times of Amma instagram page where we'll be recommending books for ch...

January 8, 2016

So, we are now 60 days in, as a household with two kids. 
And even though I was one of those mothers who had vowed to have only one child (Hello words spoken by younger self, you taste great), I have found that life with two children is rather wonderful. 
As older moth...

January 6, 2016

This week, the Times of Amma recommends, 'Going to the Sea Park'. This book is perfect for young children who love sea animals.
For more of our thoughts on this book, head to the Times of Amma instagram page where we'll be recommending books for children from 0 to 5. 

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