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In this final edition of the Times of Amma Mother Figures Series, Anuja writes about a neighbour who became her mother in a brand new city.

In this edition of the Times of Amma Mother Figures Special, Radhika Kowtha-Rao writes of a bond that is much deeper than friendship and of a neighbor who is nothing less than a mother to her.

In this rather unusual edition of the Mother Figures Special series, Ramya tells us how her husband is the mother figure in her life.

In this edition of the Times of Amma Mother Figures Series, Vani Rane tells us about her Mother-in-Law who is truly a super-hero of sorts.

In this edition of the Mother Figures series, Deepa pens a letter to her younger sister who has been more than a mother to her and her daughter.

This time in the Mother Figure series we read about Kaushalya Narendran's ode to her mother-like sister-in-law.

We start the Times of Amma Mother Figures series with this ode by Shriya Srinivasan to her Archana Teacher, her Amma at school.

Is Mother’s Day the only day I feel gratitude for my mom?

Certainly not. But I am glad there is a marked day that reminds us to pause and remember the time we have spent with our moms, to express gratitude for the countless years of their hard work, and to recall the sa...

So my mom, amma, is here! (Yay!) I have been all excited since her trip was planned because I get to off-load my adult responsibilities over to her and just chill.

Amma too has been excited for this. All the clothes and food shopping and other ways of wasting money. So...

When extremely furious at us, Mummy would come up with the choicest of gaalis. As those words spewed out of her mouth, we’d be shocked... Shocked not at the words themselves, but awed by her exceptional creativity and unsurpassed imagination! Was that all extempore or...

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