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April 28, 2019

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Shalu Sharma Rathod
is an inspiration. I've been following her journey as a mother of twin girls on Instagram. With simple yet expressive words and joy-evoking photos, Shalu writes about her life as a parent of a child who has been diagnosed with Asperg...

A couple of weeks ago, Anu Aunty put together a series of posts on being diagnosed with VESICOVAGINAL FISTULA, a health issue that is still a seen as a major concern in many developing countries around the world. Anu Aunty wanted to share her story in her own words wit...

Sushi Targett speaks up about 'Post-Adoption Depression' as a little documented phenomenon.

I was diagnosed with a sensironeural deafness when I was 30. I was, then a mother to a 2 year old daughter. A routine ENT check-up during my annual summer vacation in Madras revealed that I had already lost 60 decibels in both ears and since it was a progressive condi...

“You are so chubby and cute! No wonder your sister and you have dimples!”
“You have such slim arms for your body”
“You carry of sleeveless really well for “your kind”"
“You have good child-bearing hips”

Some of the few back-handed compliments that I’ve received all my...

As It Happened 

Two Months to the Due Date 


On the 17th February 2017 around 4 a.m, as I came out of the washroom after changing my clothes for the third time, he asked me what was wrong. I told him that I had been urinating from midnight without control. I...

I gained 20 plus kilos - during my pregnancy, everyone around me was happy with my progress and kept telling me I would have a round munchkin. I believed them.

Both me and the Mr. would dream of a bubbly ball of marshmallow smiling at us. A smile that would pierce thr...

Editor's note: 
I met Anupama, as I meet most Indian Moms these days, on Instagram. The fact that she too was an expat mom of two like me, living in Europe made her a kindred spirit of sorts and I started following her feed. The first time we struck up a conversation,...

September 22, 2017

I look at myself in the bathroom mirror, gently touching the stretch marks criss-crossing across the length of my belly, a belly that was never taut but never as soft and saggy, as it is today. Further down, a thin brown line made of slightly puckered skin marks where...

One of the ladies I met in the park at random asked me," Do you still breastfeed your child?". 

I replied instantly "Yes sometimes, why not?"

I wish I could have clicked her reaction that was a rather scandalized one. 

"Don't you know there is no benfit of...

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