Monday Munchies : Quick Carrot Rice

February 1, 2016

And we are back with another edition of Monday Munchies - recipes that are perfect for your little one and you! 

This time, we have a quick and easy recipe for carrot rice for your picky eater. The goodness of veggies and carbs in one bowl - Yum, yum. 

This recipe is from Prerna, who  apart from being a Super  Mom to an adorable boy is also a former journalist, a writer and a charity fund-raiser! 

Take it away, Prerna! 

"He'll eat when he is hungry” is the constant refrain at mealtimes in my house. Much as I would like to believe that I find myself faced with a reluctant toddler who’d rather stand on his head than eat.
Other than a moody consumer, my son is also very set in his “tastes”. When he is not chomping on dosas, he will make do with idlis, and on the days he wants to mix it up a bit, he gives a nod to some boiled rice. Plain boiled rice – no salt, no yoghurt, nothing. So it was a bit of relief when he finally agreed to down a bowlful of carrot rice, which according to me was a leap forward in the (somewhat) right direction. It’s not just the kid but also my husband and I who are happy to settle for a plateful on the days it is cooked.

Quick Carrot Rice



Plain white rice: 1 cup, cooked
Carrots: 1, large, grated
Garlic pods: 2-3 (depends on how fragrant you’d like the rice to be. My son seems to enjoy the flavour, so I don’t exactly scrimp on it), minced
Olive oil: 1 tbsp
Salt and pepper: taste

Heat the oil and fry the garlic lightly, taking care not to burn it.Add the grated carrot and cook it.Add the rice and further fry till the veg and rice is well mixed.Season with salt and pepper.

Now I know this doesn’t sound like a typical recipe for children but I know one kid who loves this prep and just in case you are sailing in the same boat as me, for all you know your little one may just say yes to eating this.

And there you have it!



An easy-peasy recipe perfect for kids and grown-ups alike.

Thank you, Prerna!


For those of you who'd like to know her better, Prerna is a former journalist and current charity fundraiser. She lives in London with her son and husband.
When not ticking daily to-dos off her list and taking endless pictures of her kid, she likes to cook in her overcrowded kitchen, read books, and fantasise about a good-night’s sleep. If you’d like to, pop over to say hello to her on Instagram (@inkpen81).

Let us and Prerna know what you and your little ones thought of the recipe in the comments here or on the Times of Amma Facebook page.

And if you have easy peasy recipes that you would like us to feature, drop us a line! :)

Happy munching, everyone!

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