World Of Moms Feature : “Don’t Focus Too Much On Work” and Other Things I have been told as a Mother Who Works from Home

January 5, 2017


We all know that mothers get judged no matter what we do. We also get pitted against each other in Mommy Wars – The breastfeeding Moms vs. The Formula Moms. The Stroller Moms vs. The Baby-wearing Moms. The Working Moms vs. The Stay At Home Moms. Then there are the moms like me – who work from home full-time. We confuse people. Which neat little box do we go into?

I am a full-time writer with three books to my name and two kids under the age of five. I work from home and to many people this elicits many diverse kind of reactions.Here are a few of my ‘favourites’. (Yes, I am using the word ‘favourite’ rather loosely here.)1. Don’t Focus Too Much On Work.

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