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A Mother Hugs Her Eldest Child And Then...

When was the last time you hugged your older kid? Read this honest parenting story from mother of three Nimmy Jerry Kaithakkel who tells us what happened when she hugged her eldest daughter. ~ Hello Everyone, I am blessed with 3 beautiful kids. It's been an amazing experience. But today I realized something which I had never thought of. I am not sure on how to jot it down as I am not that good at writing.

My eldest one is Ishitha (8 yrs old), My son Samuel (5) and Maryann (1) is the youngest. Today was Ishitha's 1st annual exam. Just before she left the house, she went and stood in front of the altar and prayed for a minute. She usually does this alone, everyday. Today being her exam, I also stood next to her. After the silent prayer, I took the holy oil which was kept on the side. took a drop out of it and made a cross on her head as a sign of blessing her. Then I kissed her on her forehead saying "Write well okay". She hugged me really tight and pulled me down and gave me a kiss. I noticed she had tears in her eyes. I asked her "What happened Ishi? Are you scared to write the exam?" She said "No Amma. It has been quite a long time since you kissed me." I am not sure if it is just me or if this is normal. I did not discuss this with anyone till this hour. Why? Perhaps because, I did not want to know that I was the only one. As the younger ones were born, I tended to kiss them more. We gradually forget that the elder ones love to be kissed and cuddled too. I started to thinkabout when I last kissed Sam or Ishitha. And I I just could not think of the last time I did. It has been quite a while. I love my three munchkins a lot, but yeah, I lack a lot of things and I feel like I need to start thinking the way my kids would, at times. ~ The Times of Amma lauds Nimmy for being so honest and sharing her experience with us. Have you had a similar experience with your children? Do let us know in the comments here or on the Times of Amma Facebook page. Come, join in the conversation about honest parenting.


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