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Easy Paper Plate Crocodile Craft

The four year old is all about crocodiles and has been for a while.

She has an assortment of them in her animal collection and it is the only creature that gets her undivided attention at zoos and ocean parks.

This is why when I was planning a series of Valentine's crafts for the site, I ended up making this instead.

If you have a little crocodile lover in your home then this craft is perfect for you!

Paper Plate Crocodile Craft

Best for children between three and five

You will need:

2 paper plates

Plain white paper and red paper



Googly eyes and glue

Click on the 1 minute video to learn how to do it.

Perfect for parents because :

Apart from the cutting out portion, most of the work in this craft is done by the children.

And the completed craft is perfect for incorporating into dramatic play.

What do you think?

If you do try this out with your child, do let us know how it went either through the comments or the Times Of Amma Facebook page.

Happy crafting :)


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