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Five-year old told his brown skin was not 'nice'

A powerful message from a Mom whose five year old son was told that his skin colour was not "nice" ---

My name is Liya. I have two beautiful boys Joshua, 5 and Jadon , 6 months. My son Joshua has always loved colours and told me once that blue is his favorite colour. He once coloured an elephant pink and told me " Amma, it's a girl". I smiled at how he thought and had already associated pink with girls and blue for boys. I'm sure all of you are wondering where I'm going with this. I'm writing this because I overheard a conversation Joshua was having with his little brother. I listened as he told Jadon, "You are white , white nice, I am brown , brown is not so nice " A tear rolled down my cheek as I found myself hugging my boy and telling him that he's handsome and amazing just the way he is. We had one of my Amma to Son chats with him where he told me a boy in class had told him he was brown and only white is nice!!! It upset me to think that this is a conversation among 5 year olds. I do not know where children get such ideas from but I do know that we can tell our children how every color is unique just as they are. To the parents who are reading this - so many of us think it's enough to make our children smart with education. There's so much more than just a great education.....compassion, love, respect for self and others. Let's raise the best human beings we can. #Parenting #TimesOfAmma Do share this. In a world where five year olds are told that their skin colour is not 'nice', this is a message worth propagating.


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