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Grandma's Corner : Candy Dugal

Editor's Note: They say that it is the best of parents that get promoted to grandparents. And we here at the Times of Amma agree, which is why we decided to carve out a space for those most super of all Ammas, their Moms! Grandma's corner is a space for grandmothers to share anything related to grandmotherhood. It can be parenting tips, parenting wisdom accumulated over the years, advice, columns on different aspects of being a grandparent or just a space to talk about how a grandchild changed their life. Today's post is brought to you by one of the loveliest grandmothers I know, Grandma Candy Dugal. She is funny and lively and inspirational in real life and a joy to spend time with. I'm sure all the grandmothers in your life and in the Times Of Amma community will agree with this mirth-filled post of her's. :)

Times Of Amma Grandma's Corner Candy Dugal with her grandkids

The Grandma Club Welcome to an amazing club. a club where all members feel blessed, special and have hearts overflowing with love.

Yes. a very special love that envelopes your whole body, just at the sight, voice, photograph or memory of a grandchild... You got it, it's THE GRANDMA CLUB As the saying goes "The only thing better than being a mother is being a grandmother" BUT, I'd like to give a few tips to all grandmothers, new and old. RULE # 1: Everyone's grandkids are smart, intelligent, cute, not just yours. All kids coo, play peek-a-boo, dance, recite, sing, clap etc!!!!So, as much as you are tempted to whip out your cell phone and start showing off the latest pictures and videos , please stop after two. Else when you pause and look up at your trapped audience, you may be met with a glazed look of boredom!! More so, if the friend is not a grandma.!! Even if she is, the upper limit of shared photographs could be limited to four.

(Confession: I have broken this rule a couple of times, but am learning). RULE # 2: When a grandma is narrating a landmark of her grandkid, be it crawling, cutting her first tooth, first word ,or walking, PLEASE don't butt in, looking smug and say,"Oh, MY little one did that when she was just 6 months old." The above is a definite no -no….will not win you friends. It's a strange phenomenon, we didn’t brag about our own children but somehow we all tend to bend the rules when it comes to grandchildren. RULE # 3: Want to stay friends with your daughter/ daughter in law???Try not to break too many rules set by them, when you are alone with the kids. We need to respect limits set by them, and not over-indulge the kids. (With us, if sleep time gets delayed by an hour, it's OK. Extra story time and extra cuddle time, never hurt a child, but extra sugar did! ). In short, love, enjoy, relish your grand children and store up all the lovely memories. Look endlessly at those precious pictures and videos, at home, alone!!! (Sure to bring on happy dreams) Keep thanking God for bringing these darlings into your life. A life that is more enriched,joyful, and complete with them in it. Savor the magic of falling in love again. AND relish in knowing that the euphoria is not limited to the first grandchild, there is an endless supply of love for all the other little ones that follow. ~ Thank you Grandma Candy for laying down the rules for the Grandma Club and leaving us with a broad smile on our faces. The Times of Amma wishes you and your grandchildren love, luck, joy and adventure for many, many, more years to come. For more stories of loving grandmas like Grandma Candy and more , follow the Times of Amma on Facebook and Instagram. If you are or if you know of a grandmother who would be perfect for Grandma's Corner, drop us a mail at timesofamma(@), so that we can feature her here. A life that is more enriched,joyful, and complete with them in itthe first grandchild, there is an endless supply oflove for all the other little ones that follow.


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