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Grandma's Corner : Geetha Karunakar

Editor's Note: They say that it is the best of parents that get promoted to grandparents. And we here at the Times of Amma agree, which is why we decided to carve out a space for those most super of all Ammas, their Moms! Grandma's corner is a space for grandmothers to share anything related to grandmotherhood. It can be parenting tips, parenting wisdom accumulated over the years, advice, columns on different aspects of being a grandparent or just a space to talk about how a grandchild changed their life. Today's Grandma's corner comes to you from Grandma Geetha Karunakar. She is based in Calicut, Kerala where she has been associated with the Prashanthi School for children with special needs for 16 years now. Though ever since her grand daughter was born, Grandma Geetha prefers to be known as only a grandmother. Here are her thoughts on being a grandmother and on her grandchild.

I was a very young mother...inexperienced. My elder child and I sort of grew up together. I learnt a lot being a mother and so it was a pure thrill to become a grandmother. It was time to put into practice what I had been taught. To tell you the truth, I usually come down to the child's level when I'm with one. It alwaysmakes it easier. I believe that I have been more of a friend than a mother to my children. And it is the same with my grand child too. My ninju. No words can describe my affection for her..not because she's my only grand child ( so far) but also because she's so much into my life that there is no existence for me without her. In my thoughts, in my life. She's lit up my otherwise sedate livelihood into a myriad of hues so much unlike my usual ones.

I have had the good fortune of being with her now for the past few months at a stretch. And God knows how much I enjoyed. At home, she is her naughty self, but I marvel at her skills in drawing as well as painting. She has won many on the spot competitions and she likes rough games.

In these twilight years, she is my rising star, loved by all in the family. It is lovely to see my Ninju's face light up each time she sees me. That is reward enough for me for all these years of mothering my two sons. She is my wish come true. ~~~ Thank you, Grandma Geetha for sharing just how lovely being a grandparent is with us. The Times of Amma wishes you and Ninju lots of joy and adventures together, for a very long time to come. For more stories of loving grandma's like Grandma Geetha and more , follow the Times of Amma on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are or if you know of a grandmother who would be perfect for Grandma's Corner, drop us a mail at timesofamma(@), so that we can feature her here.


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