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Gypsy Moms : Nupur Pradhan

The Times Of Amma family believes deeply in travel. We also highly recommend travelling with children as it brings a fresh perspective to travel. Through 'Gypsy Moms' we aim to to feature Moms who enjoy travel, to inspire those readers who baulk at the idea of travelling with their children. Today we speak to Nupur Pradhan. In her own words, Nupur is, 'an armchair traveller having visited a million places in my head. A Potterhead obsessed with turning my daughter into one. In Marketing till I find a way to make money through my backpack.'

Times Of Amma features Gypsy Mom, Nupur Pradhan

What does the word ‘travel’ mean to you?

Constantly being on the move and getting rid of my routine. For me, its not always about physically going from one place to another.

I always travel through photos and movies and day dreaming. It always refreshes me from work pressure.

What is your preferred style of travel?

Backpacking with a mix of comfort. As far as I can stretch my buck.

Luxury travel has been un-affordable to me till date :) Have you ever gone on a solo-trip? Could you describe it to us?

Not yet. I always wanted to but I have come to realise I am not really a solo travel kind of person. I need people around me. I need to share and live the experience with them. Also, I am scared of darkness.

How has becoming a mother affected your love for travel, if at all?

Urmmm no. Not really. My love for travelling will only increase. But being a mother has definitely affected the way I plan. I took almost a year long break from travelling. Although I did miss the rush of packing and being in new land, I always knew that this phase is just short term and once my kid grows up we'll be travelling together.

Which has been your most memorable family vacation and why?

Ahh countless of them. My dad is an impulsive person. Our growing up years were always unplanned holidays. Just take the car and go.

On one such occasion, my dad miscalculated the time it would take us to reach our destination. We left in the evening from home and decided to rest at night at whichever place we had reached by nightfall. Unfortunately, all the hotels in that area were sold out due to the tourist season. After searching for more than an hour, dad parked the car at a fuel station on the highway. There were many trucks and transport vehicles parked around resting for the night. Since there were no rooms available and the clock had crossed 2 AM, we had no choice but to sleep in the car. At a fuel station. On a highway.

Nothing yet has beaten that experience.

What are your tips for travelling with kids?

There are many.

Parents tend to overlook and take a few things for granted. I had recently written an article about the same. You can read it here. Which destination is next on your list?

There is a long long list. But no fixed destination yet. We'll be travelling to Nagpur for a wedding early next year. Nagpur is blessed with a number of National Parks in its vicinity. Hoping to cover one of them.

The Times Of Amma wishes Nupur a lifetime more of happy adventures and safe travels! If you are a 'Gypsy Mom' or you know of a Mom who loves to travel, mail us here or get in touch with us via our Facebook page.

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