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Gypsy Moms : Parul Tyagi

The Times Of Amma family believes deeply in travel. We also highly recommend travelling with children as it brings a fresh perspective to travel. Through 'Gypsy Moms' we aim to to feature Moms who enjoy travel, to inspire those readers who baulk at the idea of travelling with their children. Today we speak to Parul Tyagi. In her own words, Parul Tyagi is an author, marketer and a freelance content curator. An avid blogger, she has written articles for several offline and online publications. A Movies-Travel-Food buff, this mother of two boys is holding tight to the remaining strands of her sanity!

What does the word ‘travel’ mean to you? A tried and tested way to refuel my spirits. Travel is learning for me. Every aspect of it from the curiosity to see a new place to exploring its food and people- travelling is my happy drug.

What is your preferred style of travel?

A good location, super food and a decently comfortable place to stay. If I don’t get a good

night sleep, it's ruined.

How has becoming a mother affected your love for travel, if at all?

So the father of my kids is also an avid traveller. Before we became parents we were naïve to the extent that we didn’t see what was coming. While on our first trip with our first son we realised that he had motion sickness. A severe one at that. As luck could have it, his younger brother too had the same problem. It did dampen our spirits a bit because hills and long car journeys were not our thing with kids. One way we have worked around the issue is that we leave them in the safe custody of their grandparents and take trips on our own. At least once, annually. And when we take them, we carry a lot of vomit bags!

Another thing that has changed is the kind of places we now stay in. As a couple we have

stayed in hostels (like in Europe once) but with kids around, I check out/call the hotel and figure out if they have some basic amenities. Also, as kids are growing up, the destinations are becoming a bit – “Do they have a history from which kids can learn something”- types. Like we recently took them to the Taj Mahal and for the first time hired a Guide so kids could feel the monument speak. Which has been your most memorable family vacation and why? Every time we go to Goa is special. And that isalmost once a year. Amongst the recent ones I would say Mauritius was great because both my parents and Mom-in-law as well as my brother and his wife accompanied us. The highlight of the trip was that we forgot (Yes! You can judge me) the kids’ suitcase at home and realised this at the Airport, during check-in. You can only imagine how eventful that trip would have been! But it was a holiday filled with beauty, luxury and memories. What are your tips for travelling with kids?  Make a list of everything they need over the day and accordingly pack for toys, medicines or clothes.

 When kids are small- carry everything extra.Do not leave anything to purchase locally as you never know what might come as a surprise.

 As kids grow- give them a download on the place you are going to. Show them pictures on the net. Take their opinion on things we should do as a family. Basically include them in your planning so they enjoy as much as you do and become travellers.

 Do not over think. Often we panic and do not savour the good moments. Be relaxed as the kids are observing you. Don’t you want them to become travellers? So relax in front of them.Even if there is a problem, encourage them to take it in their stride because how much ever you plan, something or the other will be missed when you are on an unfamiliar ground. Which destination is next on your list?

We are planning a trip sans kids to Greece and with them to (hopefully) US.

The Times Of Amma wishes Parul, a lifetime more of happy adventures and safe travels! If you are a 'Gypsy Mom' or you know of a Mom who loves to travel, mail us here or get in touch with us via our Facebook page or Instagram account.

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