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Mom Salute : Dr. Nirupama Sreedhar

The Times Of Amma is proud to give the ‪Mom Salute‬ to Dr.Nirupama Sreedhar who was awarded the prestigious Stella Sathiyaraj gold medal for topping the university in MDS periodontology.

She was just completing her Bachelors in Dental Sciences when she got married. She went on to study her Masters and was six months pregnant when she sat for her MDS exams. On the day she was being awarded the medal, she was in labour and it was her proud parents who accepted the medal on her behalf.

Nirupama might have missed her convocation but she is certainly an inspiration to all those pregnant mothers out there, battling fatigue and juggling work. Nirupama is also a part of the enthusiastic group of youngsters in Jaagrithiyaatra,who have travelled across India visiting and interacting with NGO's and civil initiatives Her daughter Shobitha certainly has a formidable mother to learn from.

An inspirational mom whose story is worth sharing!

#InspiringMoms #StarMoms

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