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Mom Speak : 5 Things A Father Should Teach His Children

Dad with child

When your children call you dad, they do not only mean dad but they look at you with a much broader perspective. You are one of their main role models, their super hero, someone they dream to be like. Your actions are what they learn from. You are an epitome of education for them. Therefore, make sure you teach them something worthwhile each day, either with your actions or your words.

Here are a few things that a father should teach his children.

1. Civic Rules

Each time you take your family out somewhere in the car, it is not necessary to play music or stay quiet on the way. It is an amazing chance for you to teach your kids about the rules that we all should follow as responsible citizens. Show them real time examples to make them understand in the best way.

2.How to be Kind

Doing different acts of kindness together with your kids will help them learn. Teach them how to be kind through words and through actions both. It is of great importance because kindness helps in developing compassion. As a result, the child becomes less and less aggressive by the time.

3. How to face an Argument

It is important to build a positive attitude in your kids towards a conflict or an argument. Prepare them for opposite opinions and criticism on their journey of life. Teach them how to address a conflict in a healthy and constructive manner.

4. Give them money-related mindfulness

It is essential to instruct your kids the best possible method for earning, spending and sparing cash.

Do encourage them with a little pocket cash but do keep a check what they spend it on. Give them valuable thoughts to utilize their pocket cash in the most ideal way.

How to Shake Hands to Leave an Impression

A strong handshake is an indication of confidence. It makes an extraordinary initial introduction as it is the main thing that a meeting starts with. Show them to keep it firm and not very rushed. Keeping up an eye contact and a slight smile are important too. ~

This post was written by by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at Check out the three best tracker bands for kids that will motivate them to stay physically fit. Editor's Note: Beth reached out to the Times Of Amma asking if she could write for us. I was happy to oblige as I love giving a larger audience to mother's voices. That being said, I believe all the points in the article holds true for mothers as well. Thank you, Beth for thinking of the Times Of Amma to express your views. We wish you and your family all the very best! If you would like to write for the Times Of Amma, please get in touch here or via our Facebook page. Follow the Times of Amma on Instagram for a behind the scenes look at our team.

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