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Mom Speak : Chinnu on how her husband was the first to feed her son breastmilk

When Somu was born he was not latching and I was badly lacerated and exhausted. It was very challenging. My mother and husband were the only people there to help me. The nurses were very supportive and helpful too. My son, Somu had elevated bilirubin levels, and we were trying to feed him, but he wouldn't take my breast and I was uncomfortable because of the fullness. Finally I pumped and tried feeding him with the bottle, but my son was a very stubborn child and continues to be. No one can force him to do anything . He wouldn't take the bottle too. Finally, we came up with a plan , my milk in a syringe and small tube attached to it, which was plastered to (my husband) Sai's finger. Sai gave his finger to Somu and that's how he had his first sip of milk. It was overwhelming for both of us. Later he took the bottle and then he latched. But I can tell you it was his Dad who fed him first . We both knew the pains and joy of having him. From birth till now, Sai and me are doing everything together .

Thank you, Chinnu for sharing your breastfeeding journey with us! We wish you, your husband and your son a lifetime of happiness! With this we wrap up our special feature on breastfeeding journeys. But if you have an honest parenting story to tell, the Times Of Amma is here to publish your thoughts. Get in touch with us here or via The Times Of Amma Facebook page.

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