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Mom Speak: My Fears Are Not Letting Me Go Back To Work

I had a very good corporate life. A good reputation, work, frequent promotions, and hikes. A hard core professional who had always justified her work and home until the first pregnancy came into the picture. I thought maybe it won't be so difficult and challenging to handle all- work, home and children.

But pregnancy is also not an easy go. Different mood swings, urge to sleep more, feel to do nothing might take you on a ride for that period. You really need to take a tough decision whether you want to carry on with your work or not.

I took a break after the first trimester. I thought let me take a break and not worry about work and left the job. I had enjoyed those six months in reading lot of good books, walking in the garden, talking to friends, listening to music and all leisure giving activities which I missed during my work period.

I always had plans to have two children. So within the span of three years my second one arrived. Then those early years went like anything which I had never planned. I struggled my best and worst with two kids all alone, though my husband did give me all support which he could from changing diapers to massaging and bathing the baby.

Time flew like anything and it's almost 8 years I still can't think of going back to the corporate life. Honestly, my fears as a Mom are not letting me go:

That who will take care of them when they will be back from school?

What is more reliable- a day care or a full time maid?

How will I manage their school homework and projects?

How I will attend their culminating day which happens in every three months for both children on different dates?

Who will take them down to play post 6pm?

Who will take care of them in case they fall sick?

In case of an emergency where to leave my kids if I will be late from office. I have no one here in this city to cope up with emergencies.

Who will keep an eye on them while watching TV?

Who will feed them their regular meals?

And there are many more questions which keep pestering in my mind. I know there are many women who are managing it very well with both work and home. They do participate in every possible thing for their family inside and outside.

I am also waiting for that period when I will overcome these worries and will step out of the house for my professional career to move. Hoping for the best because still, I believe nothing can stop you if you have the will to do. I believe a long career gap for your children is always justified which is priceless.


This guest post is by Ekta Shah - a mommy blogger who writes over everything besides parenting. She has been writing for almost a year on various platforms. Parenting is her favorite topic but she also writes about Womens liberation, challenges and how the life of a common woman revolves around it. What do you feel, fellow Moms? Do you identify with Ekta? Have your fears held you back from becoming a working Mom? Or do you think this does not capture the essence of a working mom? Come discuss it with us here. If you would like to write about your own thoughts on Motherhood, get in touch with us here or via the Times Of Amma Facebook page.

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