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Mom Speak : Nikhila Azeez on her Breastfeeding Journey

One of my two fears regarding chid rearing was if I will ever be able to breastfeed (the second one being if I would sleep through my baby's cries). For some weird reason, I was always put off by the thought of breastfeeding. Don't get me wrong. I had no issues with anyone else breastfeeding as long as it wasn't me! I think the social stigma related to anything regarding one's beasts that the culture drills into your head from a very young age is the underlying factor here. I underwent a cesarean to bring my LO out which meant i was knocked out for a good 2 days. The 3rd day the nurse walked in and asked me to feed my boy. Of course i had absolutely no clue and thanks to all the pain meds, I vaguely remember what happened there except for the fact that I kicked everyone out of the room including my mother. (Yup, very very private that way even today). Fast forward to today and I must admit I love breastfeeding my son. I love the bonding that happens, the smile on his face, how his eyes twinkle and how he gradually falls asleep content .I wouldn't trade that for anything! Except maybe in the night.. in exchange for a good night's sleep or maybe not! Breastfeeding in public is a little tiresome but I have been using the feeding blanket from day 1 and continue to use it even now. Thankfully Bub hasn't learnt to pull it off yet. He does wiggle his hands and legs which makes it difficult to hold on but so far so good. If it wasn't for the feeding blanket, I can see myself struggling. The malls here have prayer rooms which can be used for the same purpose, if you wish to. I do believe that it is the nutrients from breast milk that keeps my little one healthy but having said that, it is unfair to blame any mommy who does not/cannot breastfeed for whatsoever reasons. Mommy knows best after all. Bub is 1 now which means I have 1 more year tops before this phase ends. The very thought upsets me already. So let me make the maximum of it while it lasts. Say yes to breastfeeding!

Thank you, Nikhila for sharing your breastfeeding journey with us! We wish you and your bub a lifetime of cuddles and happiness, much, much beyond the breastfeeding phase. If you would like to share your breastfeeding journey with us, the struggles and joys, the challenges and milestones, please get in touch with us here or via the Times Of Amma Facebook page. We are waiting to hear your story!


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