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Mom Speak : Ranjani on her One Month Old's Date with God

Here goes a small story of my little Miracle who decided to meet God for some time and come back.

This was my second pregnancy after 5 years. I was very happy and so was my family. My first one was smooth sailing and so I thought, this one would be too. However, I started spotting and that was the first step followed by many other events. I was asked to abort my liltle champ four times for different reasons till the second trimester.I hated going for scans .I decided to continue and not to give up and I was very sure my baby was fine. I was told I may have to deliver by 26 weeks because of

issues..I changed my gynaecologist , told her I do not want to take anymore scans, became stronger and kept telling myself that my baby is fine. I delivered my champ in the 37th week because of Maternal distress. (Yes I was afraid as my due date came nearer, I was thinking of all the scans and reports). He was perfectly fine amidst all the reports and Scans which said he might have structural issues

The minute I saw him, all the emotions I had stuffed inside me gushed out. My Doctor said, ”Look at him,and his body... He is a champion." After my champion's birth, he had a genial hernia and so we went in for a

minor procedure to correct it and he was about to be discharged on the same day. After the procedure, he was fine and normal. But, wait! It was like he forgot something. As if he had forgotten to thank God for giving him a beautiful family. Yes, he left me suddenly, abruptly... Just like eyeball movement, no heart beat, no pulse... The next minute, there were so many sisters and doctors. Some lifting him upside down, hitting him hard on his chest and thighs, pumping oxygen etc.. Still no response... Everything happened before my eyes. I stood still and looked at him and said, "You will come back .Don’t give up!" I just started saying that continuously.

The Doctors asked me to leave the room but i Insisted I would stay. I could see

the sisters faces and sense that they were about to give up. The pulse oxymeter was showing only a straight line. I just kept telling him, "You have gone through lots inside me and proved everyone that you

are fight now.." My tears were rolling down but still no response. The Doctors looked at each others face. Maybe they were ready to convey the news.

BUT God didn't want to hold him for long and he heard me fighting. The straight line in the pulse oxymeter turned

into curves! A One doc shouted, "Yayy he is back" He was transferred to the NICU. After an hour, my Husband and I were called and the Docs said, though he was revived, he is on the Ventilator and that we have to wait for 24 hrs and to Pray hard. W e were then allowed inside to see him. That sight where both his tiny hands and legs were tied for IVs, machines running beside him, tubes inside his mouth, eyes closed, pulse Oxymeter just alarming when ever his BP or Pulse

drops- No one should see or experience that kind of a sight even in their wildest dreams. 24 hrs passed and the doctors said, he is not opening his eyes and so lets wait for another 24 hrs. My Husband and I were just singing the song from Thomas and friends"Never never give up, Even though the going is tough" while standing near him.Every time I was with him, I just kept singing and singing. After 2 days, I get the news, his brain is inactive (he is in a Coma).With a heavy heart, I stood before God. I decided not to break and to not give up but fight hard with him. I started talking to my son, sang to him after few days, there was a

mild pupil movement, at that moment I just broke down to my Husband. Meanwhile he had lost his senses and the tissues were damaged because of the Ventilator. I used to nudge him everyday hoping he will feel, but it was in vain. I was confident that he'll bounce back. Slowly he started shaking his legs after a week, then hands and then started seeing me. Next comes the news he lost his sucking reflex. so he has to be tube fed. Ahh that’s champ is back and this is nothing for him. After 37 days of fight, he was discharged with tube feeds... I had to feed him on tubes at home. During the 37 days, they took so many tests,

MRI, EEG, XRAYS, Blood tests to see if the docs could get a reason for his collapse. Thankfully all reports were normal how many ever times repeated.

Unresolved Puzzle. I knew he will not give up.

Slowly he started sucking and was out of tubes as well. Now he has recovered by God's grace and positive vibes.

He is a miracle child to us. No one knew the reason as what happened to him. It will remain a question that will haunt me for my lifetime. The Doctors said, he may be one in a lakh baby. He is a fighter. My elder son just prayed and prayed so hard that he melted God's heart and so he said, "Go back to ur family, they will take care of you better than me”.

Doctors said he might have developmental delays for what he had gone through. Today he is a 6 month old who rolls over, coos, smiles at every one, plays well and active. I was also told, my baby has a soft palate which will result in difficulty in swallowing. My champ keeps proving people wrong. Yes, he is on Solids and he likes what he eats. He is a happy baby.

It was a roller coaster ride for us and every time I see him

smiling, I just hug him so tight and say..”Yes we made it”. 37 sleepless nights, running and running without food and water, was worth it for his smile.

To all Mommies who are going through tough phase, It is just a phase and it will pass..Never give up! Keep spreading positive energy and you will find the result. result..Prayers and perseverance will definitely result in positive results.

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Positive results..

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