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Mom Speak : Swathi B. on C-Section Awareness

April is Cesarean Awareness Month. I usually don't care much about such propagandas, but I felt like I had to write about it this time.

I had my baby via (emergency) c-section. Even before I got pregnant, I was damn sure about wanting a natural birth experience. I had read extensively about it and during the course of my pregnancy got my husband also into the loop. I did everything in my capacity to be able to have a "normal delivery". Now the thing is, no one goes into the labor room "wanting" a c sec. At least, not us. But we had to choose. And we chose what was best for our baby. I don't regret it one bit.

Then I was hit by a barrage of "well meaning relatives" and I had to hear pearls like "did you have a c sec because you couldn't bear labor pain?" and all the assorted judgements that come with it. Another one made a grief stricken face when I told her it was a c sec. Hello, I didn't get told I had Herpes or something. I just had a c sec!

Yes I know you had a natural birth. I'm happy for you. But don't you dare tell me my birth experience is any less because I had a c section.

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