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Moms Who Blog : Featuring Rajni Iyer

Hello and welcome to Mom Blogger October on the Times of Amma. As regular readers know, the Times Of Amma community is all about inspiring Moms and building them up as they work on being themselves and Mothers. And so, this month is dedicated to featuring Moms who are working on being themselves and mothers, while expressing themselves through their blogs.

Today we feature, Rajni Iyer who blogs on Family, Travel and Humour. She is currently enjoying her stint as a global nomad with her spouse and two kids. She's been an architect, an event manager and a marketeer in her past avatars. Encouraged by the success of her first book, she's hard at work on her second one. When she’s not busy clicking pictures, Rajni also writes, blogs and tweets about her sundry adventures. You can pick up her first book' The Mother of all Books' here.

What was it that prompted you to become a blogger?

The urge to write was always present, ever since I was young - but they were limited to contributions to school magazines, and occasional copies for ads and events. So blogging started as an outlet for writing - mostly about experiences and personal observations.

Which has been your most memorable post to date and why?

I don't think I have any particular post that really stands out amongst others - but I suppose the one where I bogged about my book release, and the one about the questions that Indians abroad get asked were pretty special, because of the number of times the posts were shared around the world

What has the most memorable comment on your blog been so far?

I try and answer most comments on the blog - but the ones where they tell you exactly how glad it makes them feel that they're not the only ones feeling this way are pretty special.

Have you ever been trolled? How did you handle it?

Not really. Most of my posts aren't on contentious issues, so trolling hasn't been an issue so far.

Have you ever started to write a post and then abandoned it? Why? More often than I would like! Sometimes it's the kids interrupting with a life-altering crisis (like a missing sock) or sometimes, it's a hard disc crash where you'd stored all your travel blog pictures... or sometimes the topic you wanted to blog about just doesn't capture your fancy anymore. There have also been several times when I've stored the post in the draft and gone back to work on in several months later.

Do you stick to a regular posting schedule or do you post whenever inspiration strikes? Do you have a writing routine?

No, I do not have a posting schedule.I do however try to post the following weekend after I return from my travels. Yes, I have a writing routine, but that has now been split between writing my book and blogging.

Do you find it hard to get your voice heard in the crowded blogosphere?

Yes, quite often. But blogging is such a personal experience - it does not rely on an audience for it to sustain itself. In that way, it is extremely satisfying for a writer.

Many say that blogging is dead thanks to other micro-blogging avenues like Twitter, Snapchat and others. As the owner of a traditional blog, how would you respond to that?

Like I've mentioned, it is an extremely satisfying platform for a a writer to have, because it can be as personal or as public as you want the space to be. it's not as restrictive as some of the other platforms. Twitter is restricted to 140 characters, and for someone who loves words, that's too much brevity. I'm on both twitter and a blogger. And the two do not overlap for me.

Do you see your blog as a stepping stone to something else? Do you see yourself wearing the tag of 'blogger' five years down the line?

I'm a published author. I'm working on my second book. But I don't think I want to stop blogging. I'd be happy to be a called a blogger amidst other things, even in the future.

What tips do you have for other Indian Mom bloggers?

Blog on things that are close to your heart, what you feel passionate about. That always comes through in your words.

You can follow Rajni's Blog here

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