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Moms Who Blog : Featuring Vaishali

Hello and welcome to Mom Blogger October on the Times of Amma. As regular readers know, the Times Of Amma community is all about inspiring Moms and building them up as they work on being themselves and Mothers. And so, this month is dedicated to featuring Moms who are working on being themselves and mothers, while expressing themselves through their blogs.

​ Today we feature Vaishali who blogs on surviving divorce, single parenting, spirituality,self-empowerment. Vaishali calls herself an explorer and a wanderer, a constant seeker by default, perpetually inclined towards self-discovery. An avid reader of all sorts, be it personal growth books, fiction, magazines, newspapers and the big www.Passionate about travel and photography, she loves to visit new places, meet new people and discover uncharted paths. She is curious about energy sciences and the spiritual ways of the universe and fond of painting in different media and experimenting with colours. She is a fitness enthusiast, who swears by yoga and meditation. Professionally, she has dabbled with a diverse set of skills across advertising communications – graphic design, calligraphy, content writing and client servicing.

What was it that prompted you to become a blogger?

I have always enjoyed writing as a means of self-expression. When blogging was introduced, I was keen to start my own blog but wasn’t sure what topics I could blog on. I wanted to talk about something unique I could offer. That’s when I realized that I have so much to share about my own personal experiences and learnings from life. Thus was born SoulMom.

Which has been your most memorable post to date and why?

Well, I have just recently started blogging so have very few posts on my blog. But this one called ‘Face to Face with Fear’ has been special. It took a lot out from me in recognising those fears. It temporarily brought back painful memories, but once I acknowledged them and put them out there, I felt a sense of achievement in overcoming them over all these years.

What has the most memorable comment on your blog been so far?

​This one came in almost as soon as the blog was online:

“It takes a lot of courage to share your deepest, thoughts, fears and insecurities. By opening up, you have also opened up a world for all the single parents that struggle to find their balance again. Very honest and well-written blog. Keep writing and growing.” Have you ever started to write a post and then abandoned it? Why?

Yes, I started writing on a subject but then I felt it can come in a bit later. Maybe once I have a wider reach as I would want more people to read it.

Do you stick to a regular posting schedule or do you post whenever inspiration strikes? Do you have a writing routine?

Inspiration does play a role in deciding when I sit to blog. I aim to write one post a week. I do not have a fixed routine, but prefer writing in early hours of the morning when inspiration is high, thoughts are fresh and there is no disturbance.

Do you find it hard to get your voice heard in the crowded blogosphere?

It is a crowded blogosphere out there no doubt and a challenge being noticed. However, I do believe there are lots of people searching for several answers and we do tend to find what we are looking for. So my voice will definitely reach those who seek me and to those that are meant to connect with me.

Many say that blogging is dead thanks to other micro-blogging avenues like Twitter, Snapchat and others. As the owner of a traditional blog, how would you respond to that?

Blogging is definitely not dead. It has its own audience just like the other social media and micro-blogging channels. As long as there are stories to be told and people to hear them, blogging will remain.

Do you see your blog as a stepping stone to something else? Do you see yourself wearing the tag of 'blogger' five years down the line?

The day I launched my blog on social platforms, a newly divorced single mom reached out to me personally and said that SoulMom touched a chord with her. I felt very humbled as well as rewarded.

I get this feeling that my blog does have the potential of extending into the offline space, more like a community of like-minded people. It could be a platform to collaborate and promote well-being in many ways. If it reaches that stage, I will be very glad to helm it. The possibilities can be immense and exciting.

Five years down the line is hard to predict. But I would like to see myself as an influential blogger having touched many lives. Also would be nice to see SoulMom scale up beyond the blogosphere.

What tips do you have for other Indian Mom bloggers?

The fact that you are a mom and also have your unique voice as a blogger, makes you a winner! It takes courage to step out of our comfort zones and reach out. So keep it up! You can follow Vaishali's Blog here:

If you are an Indian Mom who blogs, get in touch with us here or via the Times Of Amma Facebook page, to be listed on the Times Of Amma Indian Mom Blogger Database - 2016.

You can also follow us on Instagram.

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