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Monday Munchies : Caramel Custard

It’s Monday Munchies time! So, we’ve done Banana Whole Wheat Pancakes. We’ve had Carrot rice. And now it’s time for dessert – a quick no-fuss one. Presenting Easy Caramel Custard. This wobbly dessert is brought to you by Super mom (and I mean that literally) Anitha Alex, who is not just a publisher, business woman and mom of two, but also a great cook!

Here’s her yummylicious recipe

Caramel Custard Ingredients: Milk 2 packets Eggs 5 Vanilla essence 1tsp Sugar 3/4cup for custard & 8 tsp for caramelization. Cornflour 1tsp. Method: Caramelization Add a dash of butter to the pan and once melted add 8tsp sugar. Once the sugar starts melting and turns brown, keep stirring taking care to add a little boiling water at the precise shade of brown. You don't want it to be too light or dark. :) Pour this caramel into intended baking dish and let set. Boil milk. Meanwhile beat eggs, sugar and vanilla essence.

Add hot milk to this little by little stirring all the while. Add cornflour mixed in 1-2 tbsp room temp milk. Strain this mix into the pan. Bake in a water bath at 150degree Celsius for 35-45 min. Once ready it will be quite wobbly. Invert into serving dish. Best served chilled 😊

A quick no fuss desert made very often at my home.Loved by kids and hubby alike, it's wiped off pretty quickly. Enjoy making it often as the ingredients are bound to be ready at home always coupled with a crooked motive to get milk and eggs get into kids tummies 😜 ~ And there you have it! A simple recipe that is perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth. Thank you, Anitha!

For those of you who would like to know Anitha better, she is the publisher behind The Kerala Law Times, a legal law journal based in Kerala. Her passion is designing beautiful clothes and she runs an extremely succesful online clothing store called Ani's Rare Handpicked Collections. She considers her two daughters Miriam and Zarah, her treasures. Anitha is on her toes 24/7 and her very supportive and loving husband encourages her to strive forward. Let us and Anitha know what you and your little ones thought of the recipe in the comments here or on the Times of Amma Facebook page. And if you have easy peasy recipes that you would like us to feature, drop us a line! :) Happy munching, everyone!

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