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Monday Munchies : Wholewheat Banana Pancakes

We are starting off the week at Times Of Amma with a yummy Mummy and her delicious yet super easy recipe! Meet Ishita - the super mom with a literature background who wields words and ingredients with equal elan.

Don't believe me, feast your eyes on the array of goodies she has made - here. A word of caution though, do not click if you are hungry, I guarantee this mom's creations has the power to make you drool. Without any further ado, here is Ishita's easy-peasy recipe for Wholewheat Banana Pancakes Wholewheat Banana Pancakes Ingredients:

Banana - 1

Atta - 3/4 Cup

Sugar -1 & a half tsp

Baking Powder - 1 tsp

Baking Soda - A Pinch

Egg - 1

Curd - 1 Tbsp

Milk - As needed (To ensure the consistency of the batter is that of a pancake - not too thick, not too runny - dosa like!) Method: Put all ingredients in a mixer.

Mix it well.

On a pan put some olive oil or refined oil. Let it heat.

Add a dollop of batter, let it bubble up and flip it around.

Once done, serve hot with maple syrup or honey!

And there you have it! And easy-peasy recipe perfect for kids and grown-ups alike. Take a bow, Ishita! Get to know Ishita :

Ishita is a mum who cooks to destress! When not cooking, she is either dreaming or writing about food. She also reads like a fanatic, scribbles incomplete stories and when she gets time to breathe a little, she blogs at Find her cooking exploits on instagram at #ishitaskitchendiaries ! Follow her on instagram at Let us and Ishita know what you and your little ones thought of the recipe in the comments here or on the Times of Amma Facebook page. And if you have easy peasy recipes that you would like us to feature, drop us a line! :) Happy munching, everyone!

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