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Mothers Month Special : Defining Amma

Defining my Amma is not at all easy for me, because she was so much a part of me. There were no secrets between us and we kept nothing untold. Evening tea times were the liveliest ones, when we used to sit and talk about the day’s events. All her temple acquaintances were familiar to me as my college friends and workmates were to her. Since she used to keep the family relations very much alive through phone calls and letters, I too remained well informed about my aunts and cousins. I got married during the first year of my M.Sc and got elevated to the status of a mother by the time I completed my post graduation. Usually in our tradition, the girls stay separate from their parents after marriage. But for me that was not the case. Me being the only child, my husband and myself were staying with my parents. I could join for research and fulfill my dream of earning a Ph.d, only because of my Amma. My little son was hardly one year old, when I started pursuing my research career. I had absolutely no worries about my little one when I left for work each morning, for I knew I was leaving him in the safest hands.

I believe that the depth of any relationship is a direct measure of how open the individuals are to each other. It's not staying together, instead the openness and mutual communication that adds strength and flavor to any relationship. I had such a strong and lively bonding with my Amma, that the void she left in me is still there, even after these long twelve years. She was a total companion to me, too valuable to lose. I am not at all jealous of my friends who enjoy any kind of material benefits, but I shamelessly confess here, that I am very jealous of those who enjoy the love and affection of their parents, Ammas in particular. ~ Editor's Note : Thank you for sharing the precious memories of your mother with us. ~ If you too would like to share your stories of your mother, send us a picture of you and her, with a note on how she is an inspiration. You can message us through Facebook or send us a message here.

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