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Mothers Month Special : The Offbeat Mom

A mom is generally perceived as a person who has very soft hands (as they show in the

advertisements), who is mature and understands the desires of her children without giving

any indication. Well, my mom belongs to a different cadre altogether! My mother is a sportsperson, hailing from a village and a state shot-put champion with strong and rough hands. She is a person who gets excited when Dhoni hits a six and jumps, claps and hides herself in the kitchen during the last overs when India is in the verge of losing. She is enveloped with so much of liveliness and enthusiasm.

It is not that my mother does not have maternal instincts. She does in abundance. But

the beauty lies in the fact that she does not make it evident. She is a person who will make

you laugh by her jokes and make you cry by her innocence. Amidst her love towards her sports, she is quite aware of what she is expected of her in the family. While my brother gets up in the morning with a hangover after watching late midnight matches, my mom would have laid a great breakfast spread on the table even after giving him company the previous night.

Not a single day has she given excuses for her responsibilities, which surprises me as to

how strong a person she is. When we were kids, she used to come to school all the way

during our afternoon recess just to feed us and walk home happy and contended. When you

are in trouble, she listens to you with so much of attention and patience even though how

much ever busy she is, just for the fact that she doesn’t want to let you down. She is a

person who voices her opinion as a mother on matters which require her inputs, but lets you

to take decisions on your own and respects them.

Even though she has done BA in Sanskrit, she managed (even today manages) to work in

my father’s office (he is an advocate), and learn Income tax and Accounts and deal with the

clients all by herself. I wonder sometimes, even after becoming a CA, when I struggle at

work, how my mother manages household work, our needs, clients, and yes, without

complaining and working free of charge! She is indeed a super woman by all means. Whilst all of us (my father, my brother and myself) were busy pursuing our dreams and desires, here is one person who has completely dedicated her life and ensured we were happy. Maybe if she has pursued her dreams, she would not have been the way she is or maybe she would have?! I have no words to express my gratitude and love towards you, mom. May you live the longest years and stay happy and healthy always! Love you! ~ This piece is brought to you by Namratha (Kulur) Shenoy, CA by profession and doodler by passion. If you are a proud son/daughter who would like to share your memories and thoughts about your inspiring Amma, send us a note to get featured on our page.You can message us through Facebook or send us a message here.

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