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My Mother, my motivator

After more than a decade, I was at my home at Bikaner sitting before my mother. It was the most important day for Bikaner as it was “Akhateej” and it was on this day, the foundation was laid for the city. Religiously and historically and emotionally a great day and I was eating “Bajre ki khichadi” with chilled “amlaona” juice of tamarind! A great specialty for this day. My mother’s happiness knew no bounds. She was so happy to see me before her on that particular day. That was when I just slipped into memories of my exam days when she would wait eagerly for my return and would almost snatch away my paper and start asking all the questions. I was always afraid of her as she knew all the answers and would immediately know where I had written a wrong answer. Her stare would enter every cell of my body and find out the truth. She was very “no-nonsense –tolerated” type of woman and instantly became angry on any lapse in my studies. Facing her was the most difficult battle I had to fight after almost all the exams till 8th. ​​ Finally when I moved on in my life and entered the machinery of life, I came to know she could hardly read and understand the questions and words and various other things of my study!! It was shocking for me that just by her presence, keen interest and care, she made me believe she could know my wrong answers and I always tried to do my best! It was really wonderful! Even without being very educated, she had ensured I remained on track and kept improving myself!! Today as I was sitting before her, I felt complete and I waited for that old stare.

Editor's Note: Thank you, Dharmendraji for that touching note! Here's wishing a Happy Mother's Day to your wonderful Mother! And for those of you who would like the world to know just how special your Mom is, send us a picture of you and your mother, with a note on how she is an inspiration to see her story featured on our page. You can message us through Facebook or Instagram or send us a message here.

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