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Once A Mother

So my mom, amma, is here! (Yay!) I have been all excited since her trip was planned because I get to off-load my adult responsibilities over to her and just chill.

Amma too has been excited for this. All the clothes and food shopping and other ways of wasting money. Something which is a new feature on her considering that while growing up even stuff like books weren't meant to be bought, just rented from the library because "who in their right minds would waste money on books to read it just once. "Learn to save money people!" So why this change now I wonder. No, it's not because her children are now responsible self reliant adults. It's because of the recently acquired addition to the family, my darling baby boy.

It doesn't matter if he already has enough sleep suits, let's get him a dozen more! I gently tell her "Amma he will outgrow them soon." To which she replies "Duh that's what babies do! Doesnt mean that we don't get him things"

Oh ok sorry, my bad, mom, I wasn't raised this way. So anyways, here she is, all excited! Since she reached home it's been like a sugar-pumped kid at a carnival. Every other second she squeals "God! The way he looks, his tiny feet, his smiles, his actions, reactions everything is just soo cute"

Ya sure amma, but do you even remember your actual kid right here? The sleep deprived, tired person adulting. Of course not.

Am I jealous? No.

Could I use some TLC? Duh!

But then, I notice. Stuff gets cleaned, organised, folded, sorted magically! Food starts appearing! Everytime I come out of the bedroom after feeding or putting baby to sleep, stuff just always seems taken care of.

Magic! Or just amma being amma.. Here and there, without even realising it, I get snatches of life pre-marriage, pre-baby.

Sleeping until I feel rested and not being jolted awake with earth shattering screams of a baby, reading at leisure, with a huge mug of tea too! Eating, showering!

I see it now, how a mother easily becomes a grandmother but still will always remain a mother. If life came with a pause button, this moment right here is where I would love for it to be frozen.

Editor's Note: Thank you, Shruti for that wonderful note! Here's wishing a Happy Mother's Month to your Mother! And for those of you who would like the world to know just how special your Mom is, send us a picture of you and your mother, with a note on how she is an inspiration to see her story featured on our page. You can message us through Facebook or Instagram or send us a message here.

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