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Screen free Fun : Popsicle Stick Whale

So, there we were one weekend sitting around playing blocks, when my four year old announced that she wanted to make a 'whale craft'. As a person who tends to make lists and plans rather obsessively this out of the blue announcement was not exactly something I welcomed. Yet, as far as my daughter is concerned I've always taken the 'where there is a will, there is a way' path. And so with minimum scrabbling around we were able to produce this.

Read on for the steps to create this Easy Blue Whale Craft

Easy Blue Whale Craft

Best for children between three and five

You will need:

Plain white paper


Old magazine cover

Popsicle stick



How to :

Outline the whale on the plain paper

Cut and stick it onto the magazine cover to make it thick

Get your child to paint the Whale - you can choose between sticking to the natural colors or letting your child's imagination run wild.

After drying - stick it on to Popsicle stick and you are done.

We also did a variation of this when my daughter wanted to create a donkey craft, out of the blue.

However we used cardboard instead of the magazine cover and used crayons to color the outline. I also threw in a couple of Googly eyes that I always keep in stock.

I love this craft because it takes very minimal preparation and the end product is something that ends up being incorporated into dramatic play.

It is perfect for non-crafty parents like me to craft with their kids without having to worry too much about technique and what not!

What do you think?

If you do try this out with your child, do let us know how it went either through the comments or the Times Of Amma Facebook page.

Happy crafting :)


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