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The Expressive Breastfeeder

Like any other new mommy on the block, I too was bombarded with advice and tips from experienced Moms about breastfeeding. From my end I started reading up on breastfeeding in every possible way - be it through my family, articles on the hospital notice boards, chats with fellow moms or our ultimate go to – the INTERNET. Everywhere I was informed about how to breastfeed – the correct latch, how many times you need to feed, the food the breastfeeding mom should be having, the calorie count and nutritional value of the food intake of breastfeeding mommy since it is through her, that the little one is fed (in terms of both water and food). Now this left me thinking of the multiple benefits of breastfeeding. Apart from the health benefits and the bonding, I feel there is one teeny weeny benefit that most overlook. And that is the cute expressions and gestures your baby makes while being fed. This might be of little importance to most, but as a new mother I truly cherish these moments. Those moments when your baby feeds gulp by gulp without pause, making such a lovely primal noise, those little eyes looking up at your face and registering every feature. Sometimes playing peek a boo , or rubbing his head, grabbing on with suddenly strong fingers, playing with his fingers. And then the smiling content face after the feed. No one really speaks about these moments and I'm yet to come across an article on the same. I, however feel that one should capture those moments because they are so fleeting. Tomorrow your little one won't be so little anymore. And *Poof* it just becomes a memory. Now-a-days you get things like the one year frame and DIY imprint moulds to save your baby's handprints. Outgrown baby onesies can be upcycled into soft toys and bed linen. But I believe that one more thing we could do is to save these lovely expressions while being breastfed. All it takes is a click, which is not hard considering we are incessantly photographing them anyway.

After all as the anonymous quote goes, “A photograph taken today is a lifetime of yesterdays preserved for all the tomorrows.” ~ For more from thoughtful new mothers like Aparna Prasad, join the conversation on The Times Of Amma Facebook page or follow us on Instagram. If you have a parenting story that you would like to share with our community of mothers, mail us at timesofamma(@)

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