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Times Of Amma Reviews: Superbottoms Lullabum Advanced Cloth Diaper

Hello, hello Times Of Amma community!

Those of you who've been following me on Instagram know that I've just relocated from Manila to Budapest with my five and a half year old and my nineteen month old.

Now, while I usually use cloth diapers for my son, the twenty four hour journey and subsequent AirBnB stays meant that he had to be in disposables.

So, one of the first things that I did when we finally moved into our house here is to whip off those disposables and put him into this comfy pair of Superbottoms, that came along with us unlike the rest of his colourful diaper collection that is still on its way here with the rest of our stuff.

Baby standing wearing Superbottoms diaper. Times Of Amma reviews

Now, you might be wondering why I prefer cloth diapers to disposables when it seems like the harder option?

So, here are a few reasons to choose cloth over disposables

1. No toxic chemicals used to make them.

2. So much better for the environment as they are not going to take hundreds and hundreds of years to disintegrate.

3. Babies don't get rashes from cloth diapers

4. Invest in a few and you are set till your baby is potty trained.

And bonus reason

Have you seen how cute advanced cloth diapers are?

Ok, so fair disclosure Superbottoms reached out to me for a review and then sent me this super diaper that I have since fallen in love with.

Before I wax on about the diaper, Superbottoms is a company founded by Pallavi and Salil after their own personal parenting journey that involved ineffective cloth diapers, disposable diapers and diaper rash creams.

You can read more about it here.

And now for the review.

So, this particular diaper has a waterproof outer, a soaker and a dry feel layer.

I found this diaper particularly absorbent because of the attached soaker. Though that did make it take a little extra time to dry as compared to the other cloth diapers that I use.

Image of the Lullabums soaker as reviewed by the Times Of Amma

The fabric is top-notch and is very fuss-free. My son had a blow-out in it, but it was still easy to clean and came out as white as before with no stains.

The press button clasps make it easy to adjust as the baby grows and the elastic on the side is also comfortable without pinching the baby on the upper thighs.

Ok, now that I've covered all the important things, let's talk a little bit about this quirky and fun print!

So, this particular print is called Lullabum because of all these classic Bollywood lullabies printed all over it!

Remember this one? "Nani teri Morani Ko?"

And how about this one? 'Nanna Munna Raahi Hoon'

And my personal favourite, 'Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu' You can check if the diaper has your own personal favourite on it, when you get your hands on it.

Final verdict : Fun, effective and so much better for the environment! I'd highly recommend Superbottoms to cloth diapering newbies and wannabes out there. Also, you know that the Superbottoms family is committed to doing the right thing, because just look at this card that comes with the packaging. A company worth buying from.

The pricing for this particular print starts at INR 780. And you can find it on the site here. And while you are there, do check out their amazing Superbags as well, that can be used for so much more than just storing wet diapers. But more on that soon.

Editor's Note: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. If you would like to see your products for Moms and babies reviewed, please send an email via the site here or the Times of Amma Facebook page, or via the Times of Amma Instagram account.

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