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Times Of Amma Reviews : The Moms Co. Trial Bundle for Pregnancy Care

It might be a cliché, but it was motherhood that made me question what it was that I was putting on my skin. For as an attachment parent, and exclusively and extended breastfeeding mom, what went on and in me, passed on to my babies, as well. I try and use completely organic products as much as possible, which is why it was a joy when The Moms Co. reached out to me for a review of their brand new line for new moms. The Moms Co. is India's first All-Natural, Certified Toxin-Free Range for Moms-To-Be. The products arrived in this pretty little Jute bag that bore the company logo. A great touch was the handwritten note from the founder Malika. This personal touch showed me that this was a company founded by a mother who was emotionally invested as well. The products come from a place of genuinely wanting to spread the goodness and help other mothers and caregivers who want to choose toxin-free products for themselves that also smell and feel great.

According to the site, "At The Moms Co. our products are made with love and without compromise. We have brought in experts from across the world to help us create the safest natural formulations that are certified toxin free. With Mother Nature making her presence felt very strongly, everything we create retains the good and rejects the bad to give you a product that is as pure as mother’s love." You can read more about the company here. Review of The Moms Co introductory Pack

Times Of Amma Reviews The Moms. Co

The trial bundle that was sent to me had three products. The Moms Co Natural Body Wash, The Moms Co Natural Stretch Oil And The Moms Co Natural Body Butter I did not find this particular bundle on the site, but these products are part of other bundles listed here. Alternatively, you can also pick up a free trial pack here that contains the Natural Body Wash and the Natural Body Butter and all you need to do is pay for shipping! There was no proscribed order to use them, so I started by massaging in the Natural Stretch Oil on my problem areas and leaving it on for a couple of hours before my bath. I would wash using the Natural Body Wash and then follow up with the Body Butter to seal in the moisture. Here is the review of the products in the order in which I used them.

Review of The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Oil

The Oil itself is amber-colored. It is not too heavy or greasy and spreads quite well. I used it on my stretch marks - namely on my belly, by the breasts and thighs. While one cannot eliminate existing stretch marks, I can see how it would help sooth the initial itchiness of stretch marks for pregnant Moms. It is ideal for pregnancy as the smell is mild and uplifting rather than dank or medicinal and would be perfect for those pre-pregnancy massages. Review of The Moms Co. Natural Body Wash

This translucent Body wash is light and flowery. It lightly foams and the scent stays for an adequate amount of time, post showering. It doesn't dry out your skin. A small amount is enough for your entire body and even this tiny bottle lasted me for around 4 weeks despite daily use. Review of The Moms Co. Natural Body Butter

I loved the scent of this wonderfully lush Body Butter. It spreads with ease and is perfect for your stretch marks. I also used it in areas of my skin that dry out quite quickly like my knees and elbows. My only concern with this was that it is a little too rich for summer and it is perhaps not ideal for using if you need to head out after applying it. Even a dab of it covers the skin quite thickly making the area prone to perspiration. It would be ideal for dry winters though. Final Verdict : All in all, I would highly recommend trying out the trial bundle to whet your interest in this brand. It is sure to impress! The gift bundles are listed starting from Rs. 1047 and they ship worldwide. You can check out The Moms Co. here.

Editor's Note: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. If you would like to see your products for Moms and babies reviewed, please send an email via the site here or the Times of Amma Facebook page, or via the Times of Amma Instagram account.

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