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Watercolour and Cellophane Valentine Craft

It's the month of love and it's time to dole out the hearts and show people some love!

But before you hightail it to the store for craft supplies, why not try this easy one out for size?

All you need to make a personalized Valentine's Day craft is four things and a happy preschooler. Easy Watercolour and Cellophane Tape Valentine Best for children between three and five You will need: Plain white paper





Click on the 30 second video to learn how to do it.

I love this craft because it needs just four things and the end product turns out to be a pretty special gift to give to a loved one.

It is perfect for non-crafty parents like me to craft with their kids without having to worry too much about technique and what not!

What do you think?

If you do try this out with your child, do let us know how it went either through the comments or the Times Of Amma Facebook page.

Happy crafting :)


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