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World Of Moms Feature : “Don’t Focus Too Much On Work” and Other Things I have been told as a Mother

The Times Of Amma's Shweta Ganesh Kumar working

We all know that mothers get judged no matter what we do. We also get pitted against each other in Mommy Wars – The breastfeeding Moms vs. The Formula Moms. The Stroller Moms vs. The Baby-wearing Moms. The Working Moms vs. The Stay At Home Moms. Then there are the moms like me – who work from home full-time. We confuse people. Which neat little box do we go into? I am a full-time writer with three books to my name and two kids under the age of five. I work from home and to many people this elicits many diverse kind of reactions.Here are a few of my ‘favourites’. (Yes, I am using the word ‘favourite’ rather loosely here.)1. Don’t Focus Too Much On Work. Read the complete article here.

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