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World Of Moms Feature: Here’s Why I Never Aspired to Become a Perfect Mother

Modern motherhood has become nothing less than an art form. A mother, ‘the perfect mother’ rather, is supposed to be a nutritionist, a chauffer, an artist, an organizer, a craftsperson and a chef, in addition to making sure that she sources everything organically, keeps her kids screen-free, is hands-on and has a personality of her own, as well. Quite a mouthful, don’t you think? Yet there seems to be intense pressure on us moms to be all of the above. We are constantly bombarded on social media and via commercials about these mothers who have it all. Their houses are spotless. They make the most wonderful meals. They seem to have great jobs and their kids are healthy and happy and are not whining about how ‘Mom doesn’t have time for them.’ And they do this without help. If ‘she’ can be the perfect mother, I can too right? Wrong!

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