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The Beginner’s Guide to the Indian Mom Blogging Universe is for those Indian Moms who want to make sense of the crowded Indian blogosphere. Whether you have already been blogging for a couple of years or if you are still trying to figure out how to publish your first post, this book gives you the A-B-Cs of how to start, how to get the word out there, how to incorporate SEO and more. The book guides you through the initial processes and helps you figure out the kind of blogger you need to be and how to keep it professional while dealing with brands and businesses. The book also includes chapters with detailed responses to real Indian Mom bloggers’ questions and real world resources to network, guest post and level up your blog.


  • Gives you the basics on creating a traditional blog and discusses various platforms and their benefits

  • Explains techniques to spreading the word about your blog

  • Explains SEO basics and how to incorporate them

  • Defines and discusses different paths to becoming a top Indian Mom Blogger

  • Outlines tips to keep it professional

  • Strategies for a steady stream of content

  • Tips for life after blogging and resources

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